We’re a group of individuals interested in promoting good practice standards within the real estate industry.


We want to give consumers a voice to help them make an informed decision.


What makes How’s My Agent different?

  • We are completely independent and have no affiliation with the real estate agencies.
  • We are average consumers and like to trust in the opinion of our fellow consumers.
  • This isn’t an anti-agent website. Reviews can be good, bad or neutral. We encourage honest reviews.
  • Complaints can be lodged with the REA for bad and unethical conduct with an agent. How’s My Agent is also for good comments and buyers/sellers showing gratitude towards an agent. You can also review bad customer service for which a complaint to REA may be inappropriate.
  • We try to maintain a reviewer’s privacy at all times. We understand that you may feel uncomfortable commenting on an agent when you are still looking to buy or sell a property. Therefore you do not have to give your full name but an account with How’s My Agent is required to maintain its integrity.
  • Inappropriate comments can be reported by any member for further investigation by How’s My Agent webmasters.